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Communities - Internet für Geflüchtete – ein Blick hinter die Kulissen

Wer uns auf Twitter oder Facebook folgt konnte in den letzten Wochen bereits einen Eindruck davon bekommen, was wir alles unternehmen, um zwei große Unterkünfte für Geflüchtete aus der Ukraine mit Netzwerk-/WLAN-Infrastruktur auszustatten. Aber der R...

Von Maximilian Wilhelm

Communities - #FFNordhessen Tutorial: Freifunk-Offloader unter Proxmox

Ich habe bei mir zu Hause schon eine Weile Proxmox am laufen, sowie drei Unifi AP AC Pro Accesspoints mit der original Firmware. Freifunk lief immer über einen seperaten Archer AC7 der auch als offloader für die Unifi APs diente. Nun dachte ich mir, ...

Von Marco Hörcher

Communities - Anfunken/-grillen 2022

Anfunken/-grillen 2022 (...)...

Von Grotax

Communities - Freifunk Treffen im Labyrinth

Nach langer Zeit ist es endlich wieder so weit, wir treffen uns nicht nur online, sonder auch wieder persönlich. Termin ist wie immer Dienstag um 19:30, Ort ist so wie früher das Labyrinth, Pontstraße 156/158, Aachen. Der Beitrag Freifunk Treffen ...

Von Malte Moeller

Communities - Wir verschenken Freifunk-Access Points an sozialen Einrichtungen

Wir haben derzeit ein paar Freifunk-Access Points auf Lager. Einige wurden uns gespendet, andere von uns für Tests verwendet und werden nun nicht mehr benötigt. Diese wollen wir weitergeben. Wenn du in deiner sozialen Einrichtung im Raum Ingolstad...

Von Freifunk Ingolstadt

FF Blog - [GSOC’21] 802.11v current status

I must say to my regret that due to many exams at the university I could not finish the project in the prescribed period. However, since I have posted my thoughts and ideas for implementation here, someone who is interested in this is welcome to purs...

Von v_begau

FF Blog - Finishing an app for network capability for the LibreMesh OS

Hi! I’m Tomás on my last post about the LibreMesh Application (now just LimeApp). It was really fun to work with Altermundi on this project and I like the results that we achieve. I hope that everyone enjoys this post just like I enjoyed workin...

Von Tomás Assenza

FF Blog - GSoC Final Blog-OpenWrt Device Page

Greetings! Hope everyone is staying safe! I am Aditi, and this is my last blog post for Google Summer of Code 2021! As this journey comes to an end, I would like to summarise the wonderful experience I’ve had over the period of 10 weeks...

Von Aditi

FF Blog - [GSoC’21] RetroShare Mobile : Final Evaluations

Prologue : Hello everyone This is the final update on the GSoC 2021- Retroshare Mobile App Project. Recap : The goal of the project in the second half was: Created a new flutter retroshare API wrapper package.Adding support of...

Von Avinash Kumar

FF Blog - GSoC – 2021 OpenWRT PPA final evaluation

Hey all hope you all are doing. With heavy heart I would like to conclude this beautiful journey of GSoC 2021 with one last blog. First I would like to start by thanking Freifunk, Google and my mentor Mr. Benjamin Henrion for guiding me to become...

Von Neelaksh Singh

FF Blog - LibreMesh Pirania UI – A final overview

Hello Freifunk community! Working on this project has been amazing, not only have I been able to work hand in hand with great developers but I have also learned a lot of things related to software development that will probably be useful for me in...

Von Angie Ortiz Giraldo

FF Blog - [GSoC’21] API Generator and tools with Draft-7 JSON schema

Before you ingress Hello everyone!, The main intention of this project is to update the existing API spec schema files to the latest version of JSON schema, and also few tools which are dependent on the spec files. The current latest version o...

Von sh15h4nk

FF Blog - [GSoC’21] Irdest Android Client – Work Report

Note: You can read the same post in LaTeX here Prelude Hi super happy to see you here! It has been an exciting and productive summer from which I learnt a bunch of new stuff and irdest plus GitLab have been gracious on me. The project went thr...

Von Ayush Shrivastava

FF Blog - [GSoC’21] Irdest Android Client – Coding Phase II

Note: You can read the same post in LaTeX here Prelude Hell yeah, we paved our way to the conclusion of summer of code while working on this magnificent piece of software, Irdest and I’m super excited that you too are here! It is super happy t...

Von Ayush Shrivastava

FF Blog - [GSoC’21] RetroShare Mobile

Prologue : Hello everyone This is the first update on the GSoC 2021- Retroshare Mobile App Project. Recap : The goal of the first project was: Upgrading the project with new statemangement tool.Adding short invite and QR code invite ...

Von Avinash Kumar

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