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Von: h2o-post@gmx.net (Bluse-Blue)
Gruppen: freifunk.de.firmware.dev
Organisation: Freifunk Leipzig
Datum: 13. Aug 2008, 22:51:43
Hi Freifunker,

Basti from Freifunk Weimar has a great implementation of an dhcp-splash
enhancement, which I would like to explain here to maybe get it implemented
into the main dhcp-splash ;o)
The current dhcp-splash just gives you the possibility to ativate dedicated
MAC adresses per node.
In common words spoken: Your laptop gets just a dhcp lease from the node,
where you have manually entred its MAC.
But one of your big advantages in the Freifunk wireless network is the hugh
coverage area.... so beside the idea of put every laptop MAC into every
router by hand.. Basti had a great idea....

The idea:

anouncment plugin over the whole mesh. If a single MAC adress is anounced by
3 or more nodes than all the nodes put this MAC adress into their allowed
MAC list, to give out a dhcp lease.

enabled on your FF-router and on 2 aditional FF-routers of your friends ...
and than your laptop will get a dhcp lease from all routers in the mesh ...
city or village wide !!!

pros: -the administration overhead of enabling mobil users in the mesh is
nicely delegatetd to a trusted decentralised system
         -we use coverage advantage of our Freifunk networks to enable
mobile users very easily compared to stand alone access point networks

Freifunk Weimar.. that may give a starting point.

Feel free to give some feedback on that idea !!!!

Bye Bluse

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