FF1.6.30 -> OLSR problem

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Betreff: FF1.6.30 -> OLSR problem
Von: h2o-post@gmx.net (Bluse-Blue)
Gruppen: freifunk.de.firmware.dev
Organisation: Freifunk Leipzig
Datum: 13. Aug 2008, 21:22:47
Hi Freifunker,

In our village we have around 40 FF nodes and 3x 5GHz backbone p2p links
between 3 dedicated Freifunk nodes.
The settings we used till FF 1.6.29 to set those 5GHz links as prefered
links was the following:

than 1 ... with the entry "IP:100.0" the ETX was than around 0.0x ... that
leads to a "alway use the 5GHz backbone link" behavior.
From now on with the 1.6.30 release ... the OLSR LQ factor field with
"IP:100.0" increases the ETX to something around 90.. or better the new
"COST" metric is very high ... so the backbone is not used anymore. Is there
a chance to lower the ETX value to dedicated neigbors ???
What settings do we have to change to set the ETX artificially lower than 1

Bye Bluse

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