[ANN] LuCI - Lua Configuration Interface

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Betreff: [ANN] LuCI - Lua Configuration Interface
Von: freifunk@wwsnet.net (Jo-Philipp Wich)
Gruppen: freifunk.de.firmware.dev
Organisation: Freifunk Leipzig
Datum: 14. Jul 2008, 21:03:19
Hello Everyone,

you may have noticed "LuCI the Lua Configuration Interface" in the official
release announcement for Kamikaze 8.08
As there was not much information about this project in the past and we
noticed several people asking in different places for it we like to make a
little announcement here:

LuCI is a new approach for a web user interface for OpenWRT.

It aims to be free, clean and extensible.
While most similar configuration interfaces make heavy use of the
Shell-scripting language LuCI uses the Lua programming language and splits up
the interface into logical parts like models and views, uses object-oriented
libraries and templating. That ensures a higher performance, smaller
installation size, faster runtimes and what is most important: better

To the project status:
LuCI is already quite stable and we are doing last improvements and bugfixes
before the first RC version.

At the moment all base-system networking and configuration stuff can be edited
via LuCI plus a few more applications like firewalling and port-forwarding
stuff, a statistics collector with rrdtool-graphs, OLSR and QoS support are

We are always looking for people to maintain, improve or create web interface
components. Maybe you would like to implement a webinterface page for your
favorite application: It's not that difficult.

If you want to contribute feel free to contact us. Any help whether it may be
development, designing, translation or documentation stuff is highly

You will find all project-related links including a more detailed project
description, the sourcecode repositories, screenshots and howtos on our
current project website:



Cyrus and Jow
Lead Developers of LuCI
luci mailing list

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