[WLANware] [ANNOUNCE] Gluon v2020.2.2

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Betreff: [WLANware] [ANNOUNCE] Gluon v2020.2.2
Von: ml@andreas-ziegler.de (Andreas Ziegler)
Gruppen: freifunk.de.wlanware
Organisation: Newsserver Weimarnetz e. V.
Datum: 11. Dec 2020, 04:18:46
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We've just released Gluon v2020.2.2!

This release fixes a CVE in fastd and a few bugs and includes the latest
changes of OpenWrt 19.07, including an updated routing feed giving us
the backported batman-adv fixes.

Check the release notes [0] for a detailed overview.

[0] https://gluon.readthedocs.io/en/v2020.2.x/releases/v2020.2.2.html

-- rotanid

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11.12. o [WLANware] [ANNOUNCE] Gluon v2020.2.2Andreas Ziegler

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