Re: [WLANware] Fwd: Interest in developing software for mesh networks

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Betreff: Re: [WLANware] Fwd: Interest in developing software for mesh networks
Von: (Moritz Warning)
Organisation: Newsserver Weimarnetz e. V.
Datum: 22. Jan 2019, 11:48:58
From the software perspective, it is the amount of different software and settings that needs interact in the correct way.
Someone building a firmware needs to compile OpenWrt, include the right programs, iptables, different configuration files. In case of Freifunk, also setup a server infrastructure. That is a lot of knowledge needed.

A good entry point might be to extend/update the web interface (LuCI) to allow the setup of mesh networks.

On 1/22/19 10:56 AM, Josef Mitchell wrote:
I'm not sure that this is the correct channel for this kind of query, so
please redirect me If that is the case.
I would like to develop software to reduce the technical knowledge barrier
to entry of setting up mesh network nodes.
It would be helpful for me to first get some feedback about the realities
of existing open network projects.

Please let me know which challenges are encountered most often when rolling
out mesh infrastructure.

Josef Mitchell

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