[WLANware] [ANNOUNCE] Gluon v2018.1.3

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Betreff: [WLANware] [ANNOUNCE] Gluon v2018.1.3
Von: martin@darmstadt.freifunk.net (Martin Weinelt)
Gruppen: freifunk.de.wlanware
Organisation: Newsserver Weimarnetz e. V.
Datum: 26. Nov 2018, 22:28:35
We just released Gluon v2018.1.3!

The previous release v2018.1.2 contained a regression that prevented the
batman-adv kmod from being loaded on devices without WiFi drivers. This
is hereby rectified.

The full release notes can be found on Read the Docs:


-- hexa

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26.11. o [WLANware] [ANNOUNCE] Gluon v2018.1.3Martin Weinelt

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