[WLANware] Google Summer of Code - Freifunk

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Betreff: [WLANware] Google Summer of Code - Freifunk
Von: catalina.cst@utp.edu.co (Maria Catalina Castro Arias)
Gruppen: freifunk.de.wlanware
Organisation: Newsserver Weimarnetz e. V.
Datum: 12. Mar 2018, 05:32:49
Hello, Freifunk!

I really want to tell you that I fell in love with your project, your ideas
and the vision that the organization has.

I have been reading a lot about you and also about the approaches, and I
like the philosophy on which Freifunk is based.

It is a pleasure to meet you, my name is María Catalina Castro Arias, I'm a
Computer Systems and Computer Engineering student at the Universidad
Tecnológica de Pereira in Colombia. Since I was little, I really liked the
computing world, so I decided to study and to learn about this beautiful

Currently, I am working in the JointDeveloper research hotbed (
https://sirius.utp.edu.co/jointdeveloper/) which belongs to one of the best
research groups of my University, the Sirius group.

From JointDeveloper we have done great workshops, talks and entailments
between them (Django Girls Colombia), we also have a group (jointPIE) that
is specialized in the management of Arduino, and I have given different
talks on the management of JohnnyFive with Arduino.
Additionally, have two years experience as a web developer in the section
of computer and educational resources (CRIE) on the website of my
University using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python and PHP (

Nowadays, I am really interested in the Node building coordination web
platform labor since I can contribute to the Freifunk organization from it.
Having in mind that it is a fact that in order to link every person (node)
anywhere in the world, a very good platform is necessary to help understand
this whole process, and also to coordinate in an organized, interactive and
dynamic way. And, in this way, to accomplish the communication between the
nodes in a faster way, and the establishment of a better community.

I have always thought that freedom in the world of information technology
is essential so that everyone in the world can have access to information,
but freedom in hardware, especially in networks, is wonderful!

When I started reading about free wireless networks, I understood the terms
and procedures since I am currently studying the subject Communications ll,
which is led by CISCO, one of the largest communications organizations in
the world.
I want to help spread this information around me, in my community and that
this initiative can be more recognized in Latin America. I would like to be
a pioneer of this ideology, and also it could be a good idea the
translation to Spanish of all the information related to Freifunk and the
in-development platform.

By last, I would like to know if they have a node in Latin America, and
what would be the procedure to start doing community here?

Hope your answer, and thanks beforehand.

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